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Cayden Jurgensmeyer

When I am bored I like opening this game and getting more money but im at quattorsexagintillion which means every time i reload the game i have to double the money from 50 all the way up which is a time killer in its self. I would like a way to skip most of that or just save the multiplier you had the last time you were on. Spending upwards of 20 minutes spamming the x2 button gets boring after a while. I still play this even after having it for months and its a fun thing to pass the time.

Jack Lawson

Honestly the best game ever. Simple but good. I would optionally over anything, Well not Everything, choose this. Great game. Fully recommend it. Except the ads, which are horrible to watch and pop up right as you win the jackpot. I do hope you overcome to play this game. Awesome. Recommend it for a man with alot of free time.

Aryanda Pramestha

Very fun, have reached unvigintillion in just under 2 hour, have become number one in the whole world, too much advertisment. Also fix the leaderboard so that it reveals real people. Sincerely, none

Dustin Kochara

Its not a bad time killer, just really annoying with all the pop ups. Between advertising in game items, to actual ads that pop up what seems like every 15-30 seconds, its just a bit much. I get money needs to be made, but when you put too much in, it'll just end up driving users away.

Ace Targaryen

A good gambling simulator. You experience the highs and lows, borrowing money, and eventually becoming completely destitute because it's almost impossible for any gambler to quit while they're ahead. Definitely reminded me of 'Uncut Gems' and 'The Gambler'. I like Plinko, but there are definitely better versions out there. Still, pretty fun for what it is. Nice if the boosts for ads weren't so temporary or you could buy them or such. 💎😁 Moral of the story is don't gamble what you treasure

Victory Dickerson

Fun game but too many ads. Game would be more fun with less ads. I think it's every 30-45 seconds you are forced to watch an add. Maybe allowing the player to type in an amount would be better than clicking 2x a hundred times. Possible have even have a bigger risk lvl.

Snowman Gaming

Lots of ads, but i use an adblocker, really boring and not alot of rewards, so little ranks i got up to the cap (99.999 oct) without anything being rewarded, please add new ranks, or at least make the cap more expensive, say 999 vigintillion, also please add leaderboard scrolling, and please changethe betting scale its inconvenient, oh also YOU CANT TURN OFF VIBRATIONS, THIS IS SO ANNOYING PLEASE ADD THIS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Also i broke the leaderboard and ranks by getting to 1 decillion XD

Christine Tocock

Awful, I played for 20 seconds before getting a 45 second ad. The balls are slow and by the looks of it, to progress anywhere you need to watch many ads. Good for a time waster i guess but if you do want to become rich in this game I wouldn't bother


The advertisement interruptions every fifth nanosecond are my favourite part of this! Seriously though, this is actually a very nice and enjoyable casual experience if not for the ads making me search for the nearest cliff on Google Maps

Little Towels

Super simple, but could be a fun little time waster if not for the constant interruptions make this damn near unplayable. Constant ads. Frequent hard stops to the game play to let you know about the bonuses you could get if you watch ads, even though there are indicators on the right to tell you this very information. It even interrupts you while you're in the middle of dropping balls. Supremely annoying. Cannot recommend.